Yellow Belladonna Seeds


Yellow belladonna (atropa belladonna var. lutea) is a poisonous medicinal herb native to Europe but with a large naturalized distribution throughout the northern hemisphere from Russia to California. It has the same toxicity as atropa belladonna but differs with its striking yellow bell flowers and golden berries.

Growing Instructions: sow directly in soil in the fall. Seeds must experience winter to properly germinate. Cold stratification for 4-12 weeks can force germination, but the success rate is lower than natural sowing. Belladonna seeds have a low germination rate, but can be propagated from plant cuttings. Seeds prefer to be planted in freshly disturbed soil in full to partial shade. Do not over water in summer even if the plants wilt from heat. Not suitable as a houseplant.

  • Ornamental, Medicinal, Poisonous
  • Annual / Biennial
  • Height: 90-153 cm (3-5 feet)
  • USDA Hardiness: zones 5-9

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