Witch Flight Flower Essence


30 ml (1 fl.oz)

A flower essence of fresh blooms from belladonna, datura, henbane, and mandrake that has been ritually harvested from our poison garden and mindfully prayed over. A flower essence, made from a significantly diluted solar infusion of water and fresh flowers, is the only safe way to ingest these poisonous nightshades.

Using four famous nightshade herbs, our witch flight flower essence mimics the recipes of historical flying ointment recipes and can be used to aid in astral travel, lucid dreaming, trance work, divination, seership, shape-shifting, ecstatic ritual, and communicating with ancestors, plant spirits, animal guides, and deities. It is a sympathetic and homeopathic alternative to using our ointments as witches’ flying ointments. These four witch herbs are very purifying, protective, and healing. Use their aid to overcome obstacles in your life, to heal from trauma or grief, or to see through illusion and cut out the harmful things and people from your life.

Does not ship to Canada, Germany, Australia, or NZ.

Flower essences embody a living tradition of magical herbalism. In use since the early 1900s, flower essences are not tinctures but diluted cold water infusions of the fresh flowers which are harvested in a mindful ceremony and prayed over. Developed by Doctor Edward Bach in the early 1900s, they are meant to be ingested in homeopathic amounts to help with emotional pain such as fear, uncertainty, loneliness, oversensitivity, burnout, sadness, and trauma. Flower essences made from poisonous plants are safe to ingest and can be used for spiritual cleansing, magical rituals, anointing, and plant spirit communion.

We sell flower essences as 30 ml stock bottles. A stock bottle is simply 50% best brandy and 50% aquifer water. Three drops of a flower’s mother essence are put into this stock bottle and we ship it to you ready for use. The mother essence is the pure cold water infusion of the fresh flowers which are harvested ritually, prayed over, and infused in the morning sun for a couple hours before straining and using to make stock bottles. The finished flower essence you receive is a diluted version of this mother essence preserved with the alcohol. There are only three drops of a mother essence in each bottle of our flower essences.


To go on a soul journey with the witch flight flower essence, take three drops of the flower essence under your tongue 1-3 times a day for a period of 3, 6, or 9 days, weeks, or months depending on your situation.

To use this flower essence for magic and ritual, take three drops before you start your ceremonies or at night before bed to seek truths and answers via your dreams. Add the flower essence to ritual baths or holy water to bring yourself closer to the spirit world and divinity. Ask the plant spirits for aid and guidance through rough times. Don’t forget to leave an offering to the plants after they have helped you and the circle of giving is complete. Fitting offerings include incense, honey, wine, art, music, or growing them in your garden.

For more info read our Flower Essence FAQs.


Mother essences of atropa belladonna, datura inoxia, datura stramonium, hyoscyamus niger, and mandragora autmnalis flowers preserved with aquifer water and distilled grape alcohol.

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