White Water Lily Elixir


An elixir is a medicinal herbal tincture that has been sweetened. This tincture of wild harvested fragrant white water lily flowers has been sweetened with water lily petal syrup. The water lily used is Nymphaea odorata, native to North America. When ingested, the white water lily soothes coughs, colds, sore throats, inflamed mucous membranes, internal inflammation, respiratory issues, menstrual issues, cools or awakens sexual desire, and soothes anxiety and insomnia.

Contains: 40 % grain alcohol, dried water lily flowers, and water lily petal syrup.

Safety: contains alcohol – do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

60 ml (2 fl.oz)

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Water lily flower elixir can be used ritually for purification and to align with the divine. Water lily is believed to re-align the mind, body, and spirit in harmony and to align ourselves with nature. It is used in folk magic for trance work, astral travel, lucid dreaming, love and lust magic, breaking love spells, and communing with nature, deities, and the ancestors. In North American indigenous lore water lilies are associated with the underworld, the moon, the god and goddess of the underworld, and the ancestors. Their symbology often includes serpents, frogs, toads, and the supernatural water jaguar or water panther.

Ingredients: Nymphaea odorata flowers, Nymphaea odorata petal syrup, and grain alcohol.

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