White Henbane Seeds


White henbane (hyoscyamus albus) is a poisonous medicinal herb with a range including southern Europe, north Africa, and western Asia known for its white-yellow flowers, sticky hairy leaves, and pungent scent that mimics decay to attract pollinators. The centers of the flowers change from white to dark purple as they mature.

Growing Instructions: Sow indoors in early spring or outdoors in the spring or fall. Grows faster and bigger directly sown outdooors after risk of frost. Fast-growing cycle: two successive plantings can be made in one growing season. Plants may die back after they’ve gone to seed. Prefers full sun. Can be grown in the ground or in containers. Not suitable as a houseplant. Purchase the Henbane Growing Guide for more detailed growing information.

  • Ornamental, Medicinal Poisonous
  • Annual / Biennial
  • Height: 80-90 cm (2.7-3 feet)
  • USDA Hardiness: Zones 3-8

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