Water Lily Collection


A limited edition collection of our new herbal goods crafted from locally foraged white water lilies (nymphaea odorata) wild harvested from our beautiful clean rural river. Explore the scent, medicine, and magic of the North American fragrant white water lily associated with purification, renewal, rebirth, the underworld, and the moon. Save by purchasing them as a set. Visit each link below for the full info on an individual product.

The collection includes one of each:

Water Lily Flower Elixira tincture of water lily flowers sweetened with water lily petal syrup (30 ml – 1 fl.oz).

Water Lily Flower Essencea vibrational essence of the white water lily for flower essence therapy, emotional healing, folk magic or ritual (30 ml – 1 fl.oz).

Water Lily Root Tincturea tincture of white water lily rhizomes with a long list of traditional medicinal uses (30 ml – 1 fl.oz).

Water Lily Ointmenta vegan herbal salve of white water lily flowers and roots for medicine or magic (30 ml – 1 fl.oz).

Water Lily Perfumea natural botanical perfume oil of fragrant white water lily, violet leaf, and orris root (5 ml)

Do not use products when pregnant or breastfeeding with the exception of the perfume.

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