Venus Noire Ritual Oil


30 ml

A fragrant ritual oil infused with mandrake root and blue lotus blossoms and perfumed with our Mandragora Perfume Oil. Inspired by Ancient Egyptian magical anointing oils & salves that were richly perfumed. Mandrake and blue lotus were often combined in Ancient Egypt for their complimentary effects of relaxation, euphoria, and amorousness. They believed anointing yourself or objects with fragrant oils brought them closer to the divine, to the gods. This fragrant oil can be used to anoint oneself before any ritual of communing with gods and spirits. It can also be used in a ritual bath to prepare oneself for ceremony.

Ingredients: sunflower oil, vitamin e oil, mandragora officinarum, and nymphaea caerulea with essential oils and absolutes.

Safety: Toxic, do not ingest. Keep away from children and pets. Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding. May cause drowsiness. Read the Botanical Safety Info page for more info.

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Blue Lotus

The famous blue lotus is not actually a lotus, but a water lily with gorgeous bright blue-purple flowers. It was beloved by the ancient Egyptians for ceremony, medicine, beauty products, and pleasure and is still used today in many of the same ways the ancients used it. In Egyptian mythology it was connected to the liminal times of dusk and dawn due to its blooming cycle. It was believed to connect us to the gods, nature spirits, and the spirits of the dead. The flowers and flower buds were a common grave offering in tombs.

Its active alkaloids are topically active and effect the central nervous system similar to our beloved medicinal nightshade ointments. Blue lotus contains aporphine (euphoric) and nuciferine (relaxant & sedative) which effect your dopamine levels.


In ancient Egypt the mandrake was sacred to Hathor and was most heavily venerated as a sacred plant during the Amarna Period when the fruits and flowers were used as offerings to the dead and to deities. During this time containers of ointments were worn in the hair and applied to bring oneself close to the gods. In ancient Greece it was used to spike wine for the wild celebrations of the ecstatic cults of Artemis and Dionysus and it was held sacred to Aphrodite, goddess of love and sex. In the ancient epic The Argonautica (aka Jason and the Argonauts) the witch Medea, who learned the poison path from the titan Prometheus, makes an infusion of mandrake root to give supernatural powers to the hero once he rubs it on so he can steal the golden fleece.

In modern folk magic we can use mandrake for protection, purification, holy communion, sex magic, ecstatic rituals, astral travel, lucid dreaming, shapeshifting, and enhancing divinatory arts.

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