Veneficia Perfume


5 ml

A natural perfume oil of essential oils and absolutes. Veneficia, guardian and woodwose, the essence of Hekate’s ancient and sacred garden of nightshades, artemisias, and funerary poplar trees.

Scent Profile: green, fresh, citrusy, bittersweet, herbal

Safety: dilute or discontinue use if rash occurs.

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A clean herbal scent of cleansing wild mugwort, bitter wormwood, sacred basil, sweet poplar buds, and the distinctive bite of nightshade leaves. Wearing this green scent feels like walking through a poison garden and through a wall of incense smoke simultaneously.


The natural botanicals used in this fragrance all have folkloric associations with the dead –both communing with them and protecting from them. Artemisias, nightshades, and poplar buds all have a long history of aiding in astral travel and the witch’s flight.

This fragrance can be used to align yourself with the divine via its divine scent. Use it to aid in trance work, divination, dream work, ritual, and soul flight. Perfumes have also long been an offering to deities and graves.

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