Roses & Reishi Elixir


30 ml

An elixir is a herbal tincture sweetened with honey. This elixir has been made with  a double extract of local hemlock reishi mushrooms (ganoderma tsugae). The double extract was then infused with one infusion of peony flower petals and three different infusions of fresh rose petals from Bane Folk’s heritage rose garden including some of the most ancient roses like the Apothecary’s Rose from Ancient Persia. This elixir can be used for its calming, relaxing effects, menstrual cramps, maintaining good health, and in folk magic for rituals of love, beauty, and longevity. Reishi is most effective when combined with vitamin C and rose petals happen to contain high amounts. This is an elixir of life and magical metaphorical fountain of youth in a bottle.

Safety: contains alcohol – do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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