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Columbine (aquilegia vulgaris) is a blue-purple wildflower native to Europe and the British Isles and now naturalized in North and South America and northeastern Asia. Columbine is beloved as a cottage garden ornamental flower. It’s beautiful and delicate blossoms are affectionately nicknamed “granny’s bonnet” and “granny’s nightcap”.

Growing Instructions: sow in the autumn or winter outdoors in full sun or partial shade. The seeds need to experience a winter to germinate. Flowers bloom in established plants from early spring to mid summer. Suitable for outdoor container gardening. Not suitable as a house plant.

  • Ornamental, Poisonous
  • Perennial
  • Height: 150-330 cm (1.5-3.3 feet)
  • USDA Hardiness: Zones 3-8

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