Nicotiana Perfume


5 ml

A natural perfume of essential oils and absolutes. Saint Nicotiana is dark, sexy, elegant, dirty, mysterious, and gives absolutely no fucks. This perfume oil is a devotion to what is sacred and good about tobacco; it is stimulating but soothing, its leaves smelling rich and dark, its flowers sweet as datura and jasmine.

Scent Profile: dark, cured tobacco, floral, jasmine

Safety: dilute or discontinue use if rash occurs.

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It smells rich and complex, but is a simple perfume of only two notes: cured tobacco leaf and jasmine tobacco flower. It can be very gender bending; it’s a sexy 50 year old woman with full makeup and jasmine perfume wearing a men’s suit and smoking a $60 cigar, it’s also a well-dressed young man with hair combed back smelling of flowers and darkness, and its a person who goes by they/them/their who smells intoxicatingly mysterious and complex and whose gaze makes everyone blush.


Tobacco has been used for thousands of years as a medicine, sacred ritual herb, and offering to spirits, deities, and ancestors. It is used to bring people closer to nature and to the spirits so they can hear our prayers. It is cleansing and purifying. It is dark and addictive and maybe you want to borrow this effect on a lover…

This fragrance can be used to align yourself with the divine via its divine scent. Use it to aid in trance work, divination, dream work, ritual, and soul flight. Perfumes have also long been an offering to deities and graves.

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