Moonflower Perfume


5 ml

A natural perfume oil of essential oils and absolutes. Moonflower is floral but androgynous; beautiful and sweet while hinting at dark sensuality. The fragrance of datura inoxia and datura wrightii flowers blooming under the full moon at the witching hour.

Scent Profile: floral, sweet, jasmine, rose, citrus

Safety: dilute or discontinue use if rash occurs.

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A sweet floral with a hint of darkness. Moonflower is the folk name of datura flowers, incredibly fragrant and sweet white blooms belonging to a famously poisonous plant. Datura flowers are sensual and used as an aphrodisiac wherever they are found growing. This fragrance is sweet and sensual without the “powdery” scent some florals can take on.


Datura is a sacred plant in Central and South America as well as India and Southeast Asia where the oldest species have been found. It is a very adaptable plant and can now be found pretty much worldwide in both hemispheres. It is used in folk magic as an aphrodisiac, love potion, curse-breaker, and as a protection & purification herb. Datura is also used to enhance trance work, dreams, shapeshifting, divination, and soul flight.

This fragrance can be used to align yourself with the divine via its divine scent. Use it to aid in trance work, divination, dream work, ritual, and soul flight. Perfumes have also long been an offering to deities and graves.

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