Mandragora Perfume


5 ml

A natural perfume oil of essential oils and absolutes. Saint Mandragora is Venus in the Virgin’s robe, saint and sacred whore, surrounded by the sacred, soothing, and aphrodisiac botanicals in this natural perfume oil.

Scent Profile: dark, spicy, woody, earthy, wet, roots

Safety: dilute or discontinue use if rash occurs.

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I have been making this blend for a while, sometimes selling it as a satyr oil or using it to scent mandrake root massage oils and lotions. It is dark, earthy, spicy, and sexy. Rich vetiver, aged patchouli, cured tobacco leaf, locally foraged balsam poplar resin, and spicy sandalwood form the base of this deep and dark oil.
Mandragora perfume is a natural siren/satyr oil, meaning it can draw people lustily to you. It smells good on anyone. It is the perfume of the conservatively dressed housewife at a restaurant on date night with her husband who guides his hand under her dress when no one is looking to demonstrate to him her lack of underwear.
It is the scent of the dark, exotic lover you had a passionate affair with while travelling on holiday but didn’t have a way to keep in touch with when you had to fly home (you still think of them years later). It is the scent of a gorgeous professional escort who speaks six languages and is way above your pay grade. It’s a cigar in a Catholic church; it stands out.


Mandrake is sacred to goddesses of love Aphrodite and Hathor and was once almost worshipped as a deity unto itself. Mandrake is mentioned in the Bible not once, but multiple times in reference to its uses for fertility and sexual arousal. Mandrakes are believed to attract wealth and prosperity, good sex, and provide protection from all evils.

This fragrance can be used to align yourself with the divine via its divine scent. Perfumes have also long been an offering to deities and graves.

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