Mandragora Perfume Oil


You grasp the crown of leaves and pull as hard as you can. The plant lifts from the earth revealing a massive succulent root. You bathe it in spring water, anoint it with spiced oils, purify it with fragrant incense, and whisper incantations over it. You are the ancient witch Medea preparing a mandrake root for a powerful spell to oppose gods and kings.

Mandragora huile de parfum is the scent of a witch, hands covered in dirt and aromatic oils, after digging roots in their poison garden and crafting them into magical unguents and potions. It is a scent of Saturn: of rich earth, dark caves, pungent roots, and ancient chthonic gods awaiting offerings in earthen pits. It is a scent of Venus: luxurious oils, exotic spices, and fragrant woods. It is the scent of maenads, lustful woodland satyrs, and bacchanalian rites. Mandragora is witchcraft and sex in a bottle. It is the scent the devil wears to a debauched witches’ sabbat.

Unisex | 100% Plant-Sourced | Vegan

10 ml

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Mandragora huile de parfum is a natural botanical perfume accord devoted to the ancient and sacred mandrake root –crafted from a rich base of vetiver, sandalwood, and dark aged patchouli with unctuous heart notes of tobacco leaf and balsam poplar bud, and lastly a hint of spicy clove.

  • Perfume Concentration: 30%
  • Scent Profile: dark, warm, spicy, resinous, balsamic, woody, earthy
  • Effects: aphrodisiac, exciting
  • Top Notes: incense, spices
  • Heart Notes: tobacco, poplar bud
  • Base Notes: vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood
  • Planet: Saturn, Venus
  • Element: Earth

Ingredients: jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, essential oils and absolutes (does not contain mandrake).

Our Poison Garden Perfume Oils are artisanally crafted using only the highest quality botanically sourced essential oils, absolutes, and extracts in a base of nourishing jojoba oil. Our perfumes are inspired by sacred and poisonous plants and intended to align the wearer with the magic of nature. Our perfume accords are designed to replicate the plants’ scents or the feelings they impart as purely as possible using simple formulas.

We do not use fragrance oils or synthetics. Our unisex perfumes are 100% plant-based, vegan, cruelty free, and free of nuts, coconut, and palm oil.

Perfume Oils (huile de parfum) are alcohol free and meant to be applied topically to the skin. Botanical perfume oils are ideal for those who have dry sensitive skin, those who are sensitive to chemical and synthetic scents, as well as those who need to avoid the scent projection of a spray perfume due to their job or other people’s sensitivities.

Perfume oils come in amber glass bottles to protect the botanicals from light exposure and extend their longevity.

Use: Apply to pulse points (wrists, inner elbow, neck, cleavage) and allow to air dry. Re-apply after 4-6 hours to refresh scent.

Storage: Store bottle in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Shelf-life averages 2 years when properly stored.

Safety: Dilute or discontinue use if irritation or rash occurs. 

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