Datura Ointment


30 ml (1 fl.oz)

A medicinal herbal salve of datura inoxia grown in our garden for helping with acute or chronic joint, muscle, and nerve pain, sleep issues, anxiety, and libido loss. Topical products can take up to two hours for full effects to kick in. Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have glaucoma, heart, liver, or kidney issues. Keep away from mucous membranes, children, and pets. Shelf life is 2-5 years after purchase.

Properties: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antisialagogue, antispasmodic, anticholinergic, anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, euphoric, and sedative.

Read over the Botanical Safety Info for medicinal nightshades before purchase.

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Datura ointment for topical use is very effective for arthritis, rheumatism, bone on bone, new and old bone injuries, bone bruising, deep tissue bruising, and tendon and joint issues such as tendinitis and carpal tunnel. It can calm frayed nerves and help with anxiety and depression. Use a larger amount to access datura’s aphrodisiac or sedative properties.

Made with datura inoxia, locally wild harvested poplar buds (populus balsamifera), sunflower oil (helianthus annuus), and beeswax.

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Datura species grow wild all over the world in both hemispheres from the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and Africa to North and Central America and have a vast history of use and body of mythology requiring a book rather than a simple product listing. The Datura inoxia used in this ointment originates from Central America and its native range is from Mexico and Texas to Arizona, Nevada, and southern Califiornia. It is revered by the local tribes as a sacred plant with the status of a deity or medicine man. It is called “toloache” which means the nod of respect one gives to show reverence.

Some tribes are documented by ethnographers as describing datura inoxia’s spirit as a powerful old grandmother associated with deer and others see it as a more masculine trickster spirit tied closely to coyote. Either way what they have in common are folk tales that liken them to fairy tale witches in the woods in that datura can both harm or heal those who seek them out (but datura inoxia is more like a beautiful fairy-witch of the southwest desert with a powerful siren song of intoxicatingly sweet-smelling flowers).

Where datura inoxia grows, the people use it for medicine but also for many important rituals like rites of passage, purification rituals, and addressing the ancestors during times of community crisis. It is also curiously used in folk magic for uncrossing and reversing curses as well as purifying oneself after breaking a taboo or causing harm.

Datura is a potent magical herb of protection with the sharp, wicked spikes sheltering its precious but poisonous seeds. It is very connected with the underworld and the dead. Datura can be used to better commune with spirits and the ancestors but it can alternately be used to banish spirits and protect from malicious ones. Many ancient cultures, including the Greeks and Egyptians, used ointments to align themselves with the divine. Use the ointment to purify yourself before rituals and communing with ancestors, nature spirits or deities.

Datura is a very ancient and potent divination and dream herb. Datura inoxia was used in Chumash dream rituals – a form of divination where one would ask a question under the influence of datura and then dream the answer. Datura and belladonna ointments are the ones we recommend most for dream work and lucid dreaming.

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