Damiana Rose Herbal Blend


10g (0.35 Oz)

An aphrodisiac blend of hand-rubbed organic damiana leaf, organic lobelia, organic rose petals, organic spearmint, and wild harvested red clover blossoms.

Damiana has been used as a traditional medicine for its anti stress and aphrodisiac properties for centuries by the peoples of the southwest US, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. It is an incredibly pleasant, fragrant herb with a strong uplifting herbal scent.

Lobelia is native to eastern North America where it has a long history of being burned for ceremony and as a medicine for respiratory issues. Its main active alkaloid is lobeline which can stimulate dopamine release. It can make you feel happy and euphoric. Lobelia is mildly toxic, however, so only a small amount is used. This herbal blend is intended for burning only, do not ingest as a tea.

Red clover is a gentler herb than lobelia, used in medicine for respiratory issues and in folk magic for lust spells.

Rose is aphrodisiac, soothing, relaxing, mood-lifting.

Spearmint has been added as a flavouring herb but also has a history of being used in spells to incite lust.

Safety: Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not ingest.

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