Breadseed Poppy Seeds (Red-Pink)


An ornamental variety of Breadseed Poppy featuring red-pink flowers with purple centers. Breadseed poppy is native to southeastern Europe and Western Asia and has been cultivated by humans for food and medicine since the Neolithic age 12,000 years ago. The edible seeds are highly prized in baking and patisserie.

Growing Instructions: plant in the autumn or winter directly in soil. The seeds need to experience a full winter season to germinate. Do not transplant seedlings or mature plants. Not suitable for container gardening. Must be re-seeded each year. Prefers full sun. Harvest seeds for culinary use when leaves and seedpods have lost all green color and have dried.

  • Culinary, Ornamental, Poisonous
  • Annual
  • Height: 60 cm (2 feet)
  • USDA Hardiness: Zones 3-8

30 Seeds

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