Blue Venus Aphrodisiac Oil


30 ml

Nourishing sunflower, rosehip, and vitamin e oils infused with blue lotus petals, mandrake root, and rose petals and fragranced with rose de mai absolute (rosa x centifolia) and damania essential oil (tunera diffusa). This sensual oil is aphrodisiac, pain relieving, and stress relieving.

Blue Lotus is a vibrantly coloured water lily revered as sacred by the ancient Egyptians who used it for ritual, pleasure, and medicine. The scent of blue lotus is similar to sweet violets. Rose de mai is sweeter and more subtle than most rose absolutes. Damiana is a wonderful aphrodisiac herb with a pleasant herbal fragrance. Use this oil to massage sore, aching, and overworked muscles, joints. hands, feet, and legs. It makes a divine moisturizer after a bath or shower and can also be used in the bath as a fragrant oil. Use for sensual massage (keep away from mucous membranes though). Like our ointments, it can take up to two hours for effects to fully set in.

Safety: Dilute or discontinue use if rash occurs. Read safety guidelines for nightshades.

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