Blue Lotus Elixir


30 ml

An elixir is a medicinal herbal tincture that has been sweetened. This elixir is a triple extract of blue lotus flowers using methods dating back to ancient Egypt where it was used to fortify wine as an aphrodisiac. It is made with alcohol and water extracts and sweetened with blue lotus petals extracted with syrup.

When ingested, blue lotus can be aphrodisiac, euphoric, relaxing, anti stress, anti anxiety, mildly pain relieving, diuretic, and it can help with circulation, digestion, and constipation. Blue lotus is genuinely aphrodisiac and has been shown in studies to help with erectile dysfunction and sexual arousal for all genders. It is used in folk magic for trance work, astral travel, lucid dreaming, love and lust magic, and communing with nature, deities, and the ancestors.

Does not ship to the UK, Poland, Latvia, or the state of Louisiana.

Safety: contains alcohol – do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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