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Atlas poppy (papaver atlanticum), aka Moroccan poppy or Spanish Poppy, is a wildflower native to Morocco, Spain, and North Africa which has now naturalized in the cooler northern regions of the British Isles, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Their bright color and long blooming season have make these poppies a prized ornamental garden flower. Blooms from early spring into early winter in cooler regions. Blooms in fall, winter, and spring in warmer climates. Seeds are a mix of regular and double blooms.

Growing Instructions: sow in the autumn or winter outdoors in full sun. The seeds prefer to experience a winter to germinate. Do not transplant seedlings or mature plants. Flowers bloom from late winter into autumn. Atlas poppy is surprisingly cold hardy –we grow it successfully in zone 3b.

  • Ornamental, Poisonous
  • Annual / Biennial
  • Height: 45-60 cm (1-1.5 feet)
  • USDA Hardiness: Zones 6-10

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