Absinthium Perfume


5 ml

A limited run of absinthe-scented perfume oil crafted using actual wormwood, the main ingredient in absinthe liqueur. Wormwood fits right into our poison garden perfume series. In ancient Greek lore is is found in the gardens of the wild goddesses Artemis and Hekate. This botanical perfume is scented naturally using only pure essential oils.

Scent Profile: absinthe, wormwood, dark, herbaceous, green, bittersweet

Safety: dilute or discontinue use if rash occurs.

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This Absinthium Perfume actually contains the essential oil of artemisia absinthium aka wormwood. It is used in perfumery to hit the bitter herbal notes. Oil of wormwood has a beautiful dark green, bitter, herbal scent which I have sweetened with the essential oils of more sacred herbs and hand blended them into a perfume accord of fragrant artemisia plants.

It smells headily of undiluted, intoxicating absinthe. The distinct scent of crushed fresh wormwood leaves, light on the traditional anise note, but heavy on the herbal notes and sugar cubes.


Wormwood is protective and purifying, strongly so. It can repel many evils and protect from many others.  It’s scent is cleansing and intoxicating and it is indeed related to the fragrant sages and wormwoods of the artemisia plant family. It is said to enhance psychic abilities, divinatory rites, dreams, communication with the ancestors, and to help draw upon the well of inspiration.

This fragrance can be used to align yourself with the divine via its divine scent. Use it to aid in trance work, divination, dream work, ritual, and soul flight. Perfumes have also long been an offering to deities and graves.

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