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Shopping Cart Error: products are not sold out, sales of physical products are temporarily suspended due to a serious error with the shipping calculator. Digital products are unaffected at this time and still available. The error may take one or more weeks to fix. Thank you in advance for your patience. Please subscribe to the newsletter for further updates (sign up is at the bottom of every page of the website).

COVID-19 Update: Yes, we are still open for business online. Small businesses are still unprotected by our local government. Air mail to different countries is being cut off and restored periodically and this is causing shipping delays for some orders. Shipping is further delayed by reduced post office hours and staffing combined with a higher volume of parcels. We are currently unable to hire staff during lockdown, so there is currently only one person shipping orders.

Our normal 4-6 week shipping wait estimate cannot be guaranteed during pandemic lockdown, but orders are still mailing out every weekday. Please visit our social media accounts (Instagram | Facebook | Twitter) or sign up or the newsletter for regular shipping updates as we receive too many orders to send out individual emails. If you contact us, we will do our best to get back to you but it may not be immediate and we thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

The standard shipping info below is no longer accurate so please continue to check the top of this page for new and accurate updates.


The wait time before orders ship out is 4-6 weeks.

Due to the high volume of orders versus only two people packing them, please allow a wait of 4-6 weeks after date of purchase for your order to be assembled and shipped. Many products are packaged to order and it can take up to one week for payments to transfer to cover the costs of shipping. This is fairly standard for an online indie business. Your patience is much appreciated!

You can follow Bane Folk on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or join our email list for shipping updates, but we cannot send individual shipping updates.

We currently ship to the USA, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Europe, the Middle East (Cyprus, Israel, and Lebanon), Asia (China, India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam), and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia).

We are unable to ship any products to Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Russia, New Zealand, or Australia at this time and we specifically cannot ship any herbal remedies to Canada or Germany. This is mainly due to regulations and customs issues.  We cannot make exceptions, we follow the law.

All international orders are shipped by small packet air mail unless the customer purchases another option. Shipment can take 5-12 business days to the USA and 6-14 business days to the UK and Europe. Please note basic air mail does not come with tracking or insurance. These can be added during checkout in the shipping options for additional fees.

Shipping Policies

Some orders are subject to additional shipping fees depending on the size and weight of the products ordered. If this is the case, you will be invoiced for the additional fees and your order will not be shipped until it is paid.

If you have provided an incomplete address and do not catch the error before your order is shipped, your order will automatically be returned to us by the post office at your expense (though it could take 1-4 additional weeks). As the error is yours, you will be charged for shipping again and must provide a complete and secure address before we will re-ship your order.

Refunds will not be issued for items lost or damaged by mail couriers as we follow Canada Post’s shipping & packaging standards which ensure your items get there safely. Once a package leaves our hands, its fate is out of our control. Only parcels sent within Canada automatically come with tracking. Canadian customers should hold onto their tracking number in case of issue.

Packages shipped as “small packet airmail international” do not come with insurance or tracking and are not eligible for refund claims via the postal service due to damage or non-delivery. 

Customs & Taxes

International customers are solely responsible for awareness of their country’s import taxes on parcels worth over a specific value that varies country to country.

International customers who did not receive their parcel may need to go to the post office to pay an import tax before their parcel is released to them.



Do not purchase our herbal products. Medicinal nightshades are scheduled and natural health products like flower essences and ointments are heavily regulated in Canada; meaning we cannot legally sell our apothecary products within Canada.

The only legal way to access our medicines in Canada is via private consultation with our herbalist who then needs to make custom medicines tailored to your specific issues — provided you consent to your personal information being collected as a legal requirement for Health Canada.

Consultations are currently unavailable. Please check back with this page later or subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when this status changes.


Medicinal Nightshades are unregulated in the United States and can be shipped freely without any importation or customs issues. The exception to this is Datura, which is only regulated in Connecticut, Nevada, and Oklahoma due to its classification as a noxious weed. The regulations only concern the import and export of datura seed as a noxious weed and to prevent its internal use for recreation. There is no legal precedent for nightshade medicine meant for external use only. If you order from these three states, it is at your own risk.


Do not purchase our herbal products. All medicinal nightshades are regulated in Germany and cannot be imported without a prescription. Contact your family doctor for more information and request a prescription note for German customs inspection.

Iceland, Ireland & The British Isles

No shipping restrictions are known.

European Union

Aside from Germany, no shipping restrictions are known.

Australia & New Zealand

Do not purchase our herbal products. All medicinal nightshades are regulated in these two countries and cannot be imported or possessed without a medical license or prescription.