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Phantasmos Perfume
Phantasmos Perfume
Phantasmos Perfume

Phantasmos Perfume

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Unisex Dreamtime Botanical Perfume Oil

Named for the ancient Greek god of sleep and dreams. Anoint your pulse points and third eye before your dreaming rituals.

Scents: a base of darkly sweet belladonna leaf and wild mugwort essential oil balanced with dreaming herbs of lavender and spearmint. All these herbs are known to bring lucid dreams, help remember your dreams, and to awaken psychic powers.

Profile: herbal, sweet, complex

Contains: botanical essential oil blend, sunflower oil, house-made botanical extracts, and vitamin e oil.

Comes in a roll-on 10 ml amber glass perfume bottle.

Does not ship to Canada, Germany, Australia, or NZ.