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Ointment Samples
Ointment Samples

Ointment Samples

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Pocket-sized samples of our ointments for the natural relief of pain, insomnia, or anxiety. Our ointments are also used for spiritual and aphrodisiac purposes. Choose from our selection of six medicinal ointments made with a base of skin-nourishing sunflower oil: Belladonna, Datura, Henbane, MandrakeArtemisia or Solanaceae. The Solanaceae Ointment is named for the nightshade plant family and contains all four medicinal nightshade herbs: belladonna, datura, henbane, and mandrake.

These sample-size tubes are perfect for gifts, to help people to figure out which ointments work best for them, or to have convenient travel sizes to put in your bag, backpack, or desk drawer at work.

  • Artemisia: nightshade-free, muscle & joint pain, sore feet & legs.
  • Belladonna: muscle spasms, nerve pain, period cramps, & insomnia.
  • Datura: arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendon issues, bone breaks, & joint injuries.
  • Henbane: sore muscles, pulled muscles, anxiety, libido.
  • Mandrake: migraines, headaches, sports injuries, depression, libido.
  • Solanaceae: all of the above.


Size: 5 ml push up tube


Safety Info

Flying Ointment Dosage & Instructions

Poison – do not ingest – for external use only
May cause drowsiness
Keep away from mucous membranes
Do not use if you have heart, liver or kidney problems
Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding
Keep away from children & pets