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Mugwort Flower Body Oil
Mugwort Flower Body Oil
Mugwort Flower Body Oil
Mugwort Flower Body Oil
Mugwort Flower Body Oil

Mugwort Flower Body Oil

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This beautifully fragrant oil of mugwort is like a summer meadow in a bottle. Mugwort is in the Artemisia plant family along with sages and wormwoods and it has a similar herbal camphor scent. Wild mugwort is a very prolific and often invasive medicinal plant which makes it a perfect sustainable alternative to white sage for ceremony and spiritual cleansing.

Mugwort has centuries of folk lore and folk magic behind its humble appearance. It has been used for purification, protection, blessing, trance, divination, and communion with spirits. It is a sacred witch's herb belonging to the wild woodland goddess Artemis. This oil can be massaged all over the body after a ritual bath or shower to anoint yourself for rituals and align yourself with the wilds and the wild part of your soul.

Relieves fatigue & low energy

Relieves anxiety & stress

Soothes irritability and uplifts the spirit

Soothes sore muscles & feet

Eases menstrual cramps

Nightshade free

Salicylate free


Our own locally grown organic mugwort flowering tops (Artemisia vulgaris), wild mugwort essential oil (Artemisia vulgaris), and sunflower oil.



4 fl.oz amber glass bottle with dropper


Safety Info
Do not ingest – for external use only
Do not use if you allergic to the Aster plant family
Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding
These statements have not been reviewed by Health Canada or the FDA.