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Our Herbalist

 My name is Sarah Anne Lawless and I am pretty much the only herbalist in the Western world with a sole focus on researching and working with medicinal nightshades. I have worked closely with poisonous plants for 15 years now with a focus on medicinal nightshade herbs as a consultant, folk herbalist, and educator. My passion and awe for these powerful herbs never wanes and I love that I never stop learning new things about them, no matter how much time passes. I began producing my nightshade ointments in 2010 as curios of historical value. A few years later, word of my ointments' effectiveness for pain, stress, and sleep disorders had spread and I was able to quit my day job and make a career out of herbalism and nightshade medicine. I began selling my nightshade ointments more openly and teaching about their herbs at conferences. I have never looked back since.

I am a published artist & author, folk herbalist, ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology researcher, and maker of witches' flying ointments. My writings and illustrations have been published by Scarlet Imprint, IxaxaarAnathemaThe CauldronWitches & Pagans, Hex Magazine and others. Aside from medicinal nightshades, my life is consumed with foraging, mushroom hunting, and teaching about local wild edibles and medicinals. I live in a rural village of 600 people in rural Northern Ontario with my mycologist partner and our two little boys.


To educate herbalists and the public about the traditional preparations and uses of medicinal nightshades in order to revitalise their use in modern herbalism.

To educate commercial foragers and farmers about medicinal nightshades as their livelihood.

To continue making the ointments so people can experience their effects first hand and lose their fear of medicinal nightshades.


Over the past decade and a half I have led many herbal focused workshops and am an experienced, capable public speaker. I've included examples below of past nightshade workshops.

Interested in having me speak at your event? Please feel free to contact me at

Past Classes

Class: Altered States, Ritual Herbs, and Flying Ointments
Event: 2012 Gathering for Life on Earth

Class: Rediscovering Ancestral Plant Wisdom: Historical Ritual Uses of Solanaceae Herbs, Including a Mandrake Plant Journey.
Event: 2013 BC Residential Shamanic Conference & Gathering

Class: Solanaceae: Nightshade Medicine
Event: 2016 Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference
Paper: "Solanaceae: A Monograph of Nightshade Medicine" by Sarah Anne Lawless

Class: Introduction to Ritual Trance: History, Folklore & Practice
Event: 2016 Kaleidoscope Gathering

Class: Nightshade Herbs and the World Tree
Event: 2018 Kaleidoscope Gathering