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Bane is an Old English word over a thousand years old with even more ancient Proto Indo European origins. Its ancient roots mean "death", "bringer of death", and "the devil". Through its history "bane" is often used in reference to poisonous and psychoactive plants like henbane and wolfsbane.

The bane folk are those who feel the mysterious draw to these poisonous herbs and work with them closely in gardening, medicine making, sacred herbalism, and spiritual ceremonies.

Bane Folk is the creation of Sarah Anne Lawless: artist, author, and maker of flying ointments. Her writings and illustrations have been published by Scarlet Imprint and Gullinbursti Press, Ixaxaar, Anathema, The CauldronWitches & Pagans, Hex Magazine and others. Sarah is known for her occult black and white artwork but also hand carves antler, bone, and wood into original talismans and ritual tools.

Sarah has worked closely with poisonous plants for 15 years now. She began producing flying ointments in 2010 as historical reconstructions, but a few years later, word of her ointments' effectiveness spread and she began selling her nightshade ointments more openly and teaching about baneful herbs at conferences. Aside from poisonous plants, her life is consumed with foraging, mushroom hunting, and teaching about local wild edibles and medicinals. Sarah currently lives in a small village of 600 people in rural Ontario with her mycophile partner Alex and their two little boys. Together they run the online shop and are wilderness educators under the banner Fern & Fungi.

S A R A H  A N N E  L A W L E S S :

"I am a witch and embrace its full definition. I grow the poisonous plants associated with the witch's art for millennia, I make medicines and magic potions, I collect bones, I work rites of folk magic, and I read tarot cards, tea leaves and palms. I can be found in the woods,  under the moonlight, by a fire, and in forgotten graveyards.  You can see healing herbs in my garden, a soothing elixir to heal a broken heart in my pantry, and me in my kitchen cooking delicious meals for my loved ones."