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Apothecary devoted to the love of baneful flora, fauna, and fungi.

Bane is an Old English word over a thousand years old with even more ancient Proto Indo European origins. Its ancient roots mean "death", "bringer of death", and "the devil". Through its history "bane" is often used in reference to poisonous and psychoactive plants like henbane and wolfsbane.

The bane folk are those who feel the mysterious draw to these poisonous herbs and work with them closely in gardening, medicine making, sacred herbalism, and spiritual ceremonies.


Poison As Medicine

Sola dosis facit venenum

"What is there that is not poison? All things are poison and nothing is without poison. Solely the dose determines whether a thing is a poison or a medicine.

Paracelsus, early 16th century physician

Bane Folk apothecary is the home of ointments and flower essences made with the medicinal nightshade herbs of Belladonna, Datura, Henbane, and Mandrake. We also make products with the gentler artemisia herbs mugwort and wormwood such as the Artemisia Ointment and Mugwort Flower Body Oil.

Our medicinal nightshade ointments are used to help with severe pain, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, muscle spasms, nerve damage, and libido loss. To discover how our customers use them medicinally, you can read their reviews here.

Other customers use our herbal salves as witches' flying ointments for astral travel, lucid dreaming, shapeshifting, divination, and other magical practices.

Our nightshade flower essences can be used to aid in emotional healing or for folk magic and plant spirit ceremonies.

Bane Folk is also the home of the baneful black and white artwork of Sarah Anne Lawless.

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