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What our customers have to say about our ointments:

“Your ointments quite literally have been an absolute life-saver for me.” ~ Brittany

“I love all of your ointments. They have helped so much in managing my aches and pains caused by Ehlers-Danlos. Since starting to use your nightshades I no longer take pain medications.” ~ Gloria

“I have fibromyalgia and I have good relief with all four ointments. I use Belladonna most often, especially at night.” ~ Heather

“Your nightshades are the best! Thank you so much for creating something that takes away the aches, reduces swelling, and relaxes my legs/ankles after 14 hours on my feet working retail.” ~ Shauna

Your ointments are very good and it’s the first time from many years that something is good for my atopic skin. No allergy isues and I’m so happy!” ~ Bernadette

“There really isn’t much physically that you don’t have an ointment to help with. I definitely recommending keeping these in the medicine cabinet.” ~ Amy

Artemisia Ointment Reviews

“I ordered the artemisia salve and I love it to death, thank you so much!” ~ Nicole

“I love the artemisia ointment. Because of your ointments, I learned I love the smell of wormwood and mugwort and I actively look for perfumes with them now.” ~ Leo

“Artemisia has really helped me. It really works!” ~ Jade

Belladonna Ointment Reviews

“I cannot recommend this highly enough. The belladonna ointment is such an important staple; I have chronic nerve pain in my feet (Morton’s Neuroma) and am pain-free this winter for the first time in a long time.” ~ Bettina

“This ointment is exceptional. I use it regularly.” ~ Amanda

“It works wonderfully for my sciatic pain. I sleep well too!” ~ Hanna

“The belladonna is amazing for sciatica!” ~ Jessica

“I use the belladonna to help take care of a severe postierial tibial tendonitis that had lasted for over 2 months.” ~ Amy

“All my MDs are supportive of it for severed nerve pain in my foot. Thanks again!” ~ Melissa

“Your belladonna ointment has been a goddess send for my carpal tunnel, it is amazing!” ~ Elizabeth

“The belladonna is my absolute go-to for relief of very painful menstrual cramps. I went from having to take 8+ ibuprofen to 0-2 tablets. Not only that, but it helps me get to sleep.” ~ Danielle

“This beautiful lady [belladonna] is my go-to for moon cycle cramps.” ~ Danielle

“This is my all time favourite ointment that you make! ~ Devin

Datura Ointment Reviews

“I use your ointment and I must say it’s amazing. It helps with my chronic neck pain, and the dreams… exactly what I needed. Many thanks!” ~ Amanda

“Highly recommended.” ~ Rose

“I tried the datura ointment yesterday. I felt giddy, then very relaxed. It helped me sleep. I will use it when I’m anxious or restless. Thank you!” ~ Victoria

“I am absolutely in LOVE with this ointment!! Medicinally it also seems to have some wonderful pain relieving properties when applied to muscles, joints, etc. I have no problem paying for a superior product like her Datura ointment!” ~ Christy

“Datura is absolutely fabulous for bone on bone pain.” ~ Rebecca

“My favourite remedy for neck spasms.” ~ Kim

Henbane Ointment Reviews

“Henbane is the new love of my life.” ~ Kolyada

“I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations because it might not be strong enough. Boy was I wrong! The nice thing about a single herb ointment is that you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt how you respond to it, and it can be mixed with the other single herb ointments if you feel the need. However, sometimes it’s all you need.” ~ Christy

“Two years ago I had major abdominal surgery for cancer. Over the past month and a half, I’ve developed some complications of the original surgery with some hernia formation. I’ve had great success managing my preoperative obstructive pains, and my postoperative repair incision pains, with the wormwood and henbane ointments — using one or the other depending on how much mild drowsiness I could accept in what I was doing at a time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart… or, actually, the bottom of my abdomen, which is where the surgical scar runs” ~ Bill, MD

Mandrake Ointment Reviews

“I just used the mandrake ointment on my migraine today. Worked like a charm. Thank you guys for your amazing products.” ~ Amy

“Thank you, your mandrake ointment works like a charm for persistent headaches like nothing else.” ~ Polly

“I suffer from PMS-related migraines and so far the only thing that relieves them is your mandrake ointment.” ~ Amy

“The mandrake salve is one of my favourites for things like headaches or tension, but it also has a lovely effect of helping one relax and just feel more chill in general. This plant medicine has been a true blessing in my life.” ~ Danielle

Water Lily Ointments

“Your blue water lily ointment especially is something I never want to live without!” ~ Lauren

“I love it. I find it very effective.” ~ Pati

“I love mine. It feels great on my neck and shoulders after a long week at work.” ~ Rowan

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