Flower Essence FAQs

Flower essences are low dose preparations used in alternative medicine such as flower essence therapy to help with emotional and spiritual issues. They are also often incorporated into personal spiritual practices. Our flower essences are ritually crafted from cold water infusions of fresh flowers from living plants. Each essence is dosed homeopathically and safe to use internally or externally.

Flower essence therapy was developed by Doctor Edward Bach in the early 1900s to help sensitive people with emotional pain such as fear, uncertainty, loneliness, overstimulation, burnout, sadness, and trauma. Flower essences and botanical dews were also used in history by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) and Paracelsus (1493-1541) in their respective healing practices with similar intent as Dr. Bach.

Do flower essences smell like flowers?

Flower essences have no scent and should not be confused with perfumes, essential oils, or hydrosols.

What is a flower essence? Is that the same as a tincture?

A flower essence is very different from a tincture. A whole flower essence bottle can be safely consumed without experiencing the effects a tincture would produce. A tincture is a potent alcohol extract of fresh or dried plants used to treat medical issues, whereas a flower essence is a low dose product based on homeopathic principles intended to sympathetically help with emotional and spiritual issues.

What is the potency of a flower essence?

We sell flower essences as 30 ml stock bottles. A stock bottle contains 25% alcohol with only three drops of a flower’s mother essence in it.

The mother essence is a cold water infusion of fresh flowers which are ritually harvested from living plants, prayed over, and infused in sunlight, moonlight, or under specific astrological influences, before straining and using to make stock bottles. The finished flower essence you receive is a highly diluted version of the mother essence preserved with alcohol.

Flower essences are an alternative medicine using animistically crafted magical potions to draw upon the spiritual powers of the plants used to make them.

Are flower essences made from poisonous plants safe to ingest?

Our flower essences our dosed using homeopathic principles and according to Health Canada’s regulations for Dr. Bach’s flower remedies. They are are safe to ingest. The whole bottle could be consumed with no ill effect and no physical medicinal effects. We cannot speak for other manufacturers

How do I use a flower essence?

Flower essences can be taken right from the dropper on or under the tongue or alternately dropped into your tea, coffee, juice, or water. For our nightshade flower essences we suggest doing everything in threes – take three drops three times a day for three, six, nine days or months etc. Flower essences are meant to be ingested with intention and mindfulness as part of a daily ritual. Think about what healing you hope to gain from the plant spirit and focus on your goal while it is on your tongue.

Incorporate them into group communion rituals of sharing a cup or add to a tea ceremony, a daily divination reading, a ritual bath, or your recurring moon rituals. For more ideas on how to use them, check out this great article on How to Use Flower Essences for Emotional Support by the Herbal Academy.

I avoid alcohol, can I use them without ingesting?

Yes! Flower essences are essentially the bottled “essence” of a plant spirit. They can be used for external anointing for spiritually cleansing people, objects, or places as well as aiding in divination, magical rituals, and plant spirit communion. Anoint your forehead, ritual tools, objects that need cleansing, or even add to a ritual bath –especially repeated spiritual cleansing baths to help with uncrossing and letting go.

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