Who Are the Bane Folk?

Bane Folk is a resource on poisonous plants, mushrooms, animals, and insects created as a labour of love. Original artwork and herbal products are created with sincere devotion to poison plant medicine combined with a decade of research, experience, and practice.

Bane is an ancient word for death originating from Old Norse. It is used in many common plant names to denote their poisonous nature such as henbane and wolfsbane. This site is a resource devoted to people who share a love of poisonous flora, fauna, and fungi. Together we are the Bane Folk.

Poison as Medicine

Here at Bane Folk we emphasize the medicinal nature of poisonous substances and promote the education and understanding of their proper and safe uses to help abolish the fear and misuse of these plants and other natural substances.


Sarah Anne Lawless

Owner / Operator

Published artist, author, herbalist, and educator specializing in poisonous plants and fungi for the past decade with a focus on the medicinal members of the nightshade plant family.

Ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology researcher with outspoken opinions on ethics, animism, bioregionalism, sustainable agriculture, psychoactive substances as medicine, the decriminalization of psychoactive substances, and the accessibility of traditional herbal medicine.

My Story

Bane Folk started out as a small etsy shop and blog over a decade ago and has since evolved into full-time career after gradually becoming a trusted source of poisonous plant info and products.

​It started with witches’ flying ointments. I combined my knowledge as a herbalist, ethnopharmacology nerd, and manufacturer to recreate ancient recipes from dusty herbal grimoires out of academic curiousity and had no idea how successful the experiment results would be or how medically effective the plants of the artemisia and nightshade families turned out to be. After almost a decade of making and selling these ointments, the traditional uses of these herbs for pain, insomnia, and anxiety have been validated time and time again.

They’ve become such staples in our home medicine cabinet that we can’t imagine life without them now!

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