Magic and Medicine from the Poison Garden

Poison Garden

We offer a large selection of herbalist formulated poisonous flower essences including the rare and unusual. Each essence is dosed homeopathically and safe for internal or external use.

Poison Garden


Botanical perfume oils crafted using only natural essential oils, absolutes, and plant extracts to create the scents of beloved poisonous plants and flowers. The ancients believed perfumes brought us closer to divinity. Anoint yourself and become divine.

Poison Garden

Seeds to grow your own poison garden, flower garden, or medicinal herb garden. Our offerings include the usual suspects but also plants you may not have realized are poisonous. Poison Garden Seeds are sustainably sourced from the shop’s poison garden and the wilds as well as other trusted growers.

Poison Garden

Browse our selection of herbalist-formulated artisanal self-care products. Bane Folk offers a range of plant-based & vegan friendly body, face, lip, and hair skincare products inspired by the poison garden but gentle enough for everyday use.

Poison Garden

Discover our selection of herbalist formulated botanical balms for pain relief, wound care, and skincare as well as small batch herbal tinctures and elixirs to soothe the body, mind, and spirit.

New Products

Artisanally Crafted

Our creations are expertly crafted in small batches ensuring quality and freshness. Every part of the business is performed at our headquarters on a small sustainable scale.

Earth First

We prioritize the preservation of the environment by selecting sustainably sourced botanicals, recyclable product packaging, and recyclable shipping materials.

Herbalist Made

Our products are hand crafted in small batches and formulated by our in-house herbalist with a dedication to producing the same quality and potency every time.

Plant Sourced

All of our products are made with sustainably harvested plants and made for plant people including vegetarian friendly, vegan friendly, and cruelty free options

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