For the love of poisonous flora, fauna & fungi

Poison Garden


Botanical perfume oils crafted using only 100% natural essential oils, absolutes, and plant extracts to create the scents of beloved poisonous plants and flowers. Our signature scents include Mandragora, Moonflower, Nicotiana, and Veneficia. The ancients believed perfumes brought us closer to divinity. Anoint yourself and become divine.

Poison Garden

Flower essences embody a living tradition of magical herbalism. In use since the early 1900s, flower essences are not tinctures but diluted cold water infusions of the fresh flowers which are harvested ritually and prayed over. They are meant to be ingested in homeopathic amounts to help with emotional pain such as fear, uncertainty, loneliness, oversensitivity, burnout, sadness, and trauma. Flower essences made from poisonous plants are safe to ingest and can be used for spiritual cleansing, magical rituals, anointing, and plant spirit communion.

Natural Pain Relief

High quality plant-based salves of potent belladonna, datura, henbane, and mandrake, mugwort, and wormwood herbs for soothing the body, mind, and spirit. These sacred plants help with acute and chronic pain, sleep issues, stress, and anxiety.

Ointment Reviews

“There really isn’t much physically that you don’t have an ointment to help with. I definitely recommending keeping these in the medicine cabinet.”

~ Amy ~

“I have fibromyalgia and I have good relief with all the ointments. I use Belladonna most often, especially at night.”

~ Heather ~

“Your nightshades are the best! Thank you so much for creating something that takes away the aches, reduces swelling, and relaxes my legs/ankles after 14 hours on my feet working retail.”

~ Shauna ~

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