• Absinthium Perfume Quick View
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      Absinthium Perfume Quick View
    • Absinthium Perfume
    • $25.00
    • 10 ml A limited run of absinthe-scented perfume oil left over from the pop-up shop at Lvnea Perfume in Montreal last weekend. There's a few bottles still up for grabs! This botanical perfume is scented naturally using only pure essential oils. Scent Profile: absinthe, wormwood, dark, herbal, green, bittersweet Safety: dilute or discontinue use if rash occurs.
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  • Wormwood Flower Essence Quick View
    • Wormwood Flower Essence Quick View
    • Wormwood Flower Essence
    • $18.00
    • 30 ml (1 fl.oz) A flower essence of fresh wormwood (artemisia absinthium) flowers. The flowers were ritually harvested from our poison garden and mindfully prayed over. A flower essence, made from a significantly diluted solar infusion of water and fresh flowers, is a gentle way to work with this pungent and potent plant. Wormwood flower essence is used to cleanse…
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